Collaboration as Dominance: 2+1 in collaboration with Anastasia Kachalova. Warton House Studios 2017

Collaboration as Dominance: Still Life With Mood And Fruits – in collaboration with Nicola Lorini. Industrialism, Contemporary Art Gallery Livani, Livani, Latvia 2016

Damaged receiver, 5954-21L about 127 years old which was found in the dead body about 141 years old.

‘These remains were found on 13 August 2251 in Regent’s Canal, London, during construction work to deepen the water course and adapt it for usage by transport boat CKL-16297.

It is still not clear why the receiver implanted in the body did not signal the location of the human remains, so that they could be recycled. This is a unique case, the first time in 183 years that the plasma type receiver has malfunctioned.

Next to the body parts we can see the items found near the remains.These objects could be the possible reason for the failure of the implant. It is not clear if these objects belonged to the dead person or if their deposition is incidental to the discovery of the body.’

Site-spesific work, responding to Museum of London collection. This Is Us, Museum of London, 2015

We Washed a Stone – in collaboration with Taku Akiyama, Complex Topography: The Garden, Ritsurin Gardens, Takamatsu, Japan 2015

We Painted the Flowers – in collaboration with Taku Akiyama, Complex Topography: The Garden, Shōkō Shōreikan, Takamatsu, Japan 2015

Collaboration as Dominance: I like orange and you can take green – in collaboration  with Sivan Lavie. Re Deuce, Cenamaximale, London 2015

Layout, Cultural Heritage of Visual Arts, Riga 2014

Space For Minds Migration – in collaboration with Ideju Instituts (funded  by European Union Programme ‘Culture’ and Foundation Riga 2014). Connecting Cities Network Project, Riga 2013. Photo: Kaspars Garda, video: Ideju Instituts.

Spectators – in collaboration with Dita Lesina (funded by Riga City Council), Staro Riga Festival 2012