2834.6 Square Centimetres of Filled Surface (160 x 190 cm)

It is easy to assume most activities are pretty awkward for a giraffe.

A dog who used to be a car is decorated with garlands of flowers.

Some flowers can go on the shelf but the heavy ones should stay on the ground.

712,5 Square Centimetres of Filled Surface (113 x 167 cm)

The mechanism that grabs is watched by the hippopotamus.

It is difficult to organise an anthill in a flowerbed.

855.3 Square Centimetres of Filled Surface (162 x 180 cm)

The duck finds two balls in a box, which over time has been surrounded by grass.

A flower in the flowerbed has got dirty by a bunny.

A mechanism pokes a butterfly that is hanging on a wire.

Two vases and two flowers. On one of the flowers is a dead butterfly, the other is on its side.